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Witnesses' and Accomplices' Testimony Can Change Your Life — Make Sure an Attorney is Defending Your Rights


In 1984, Terrance Williams of Philadelphia was sentenced to die for the murder of Amos Norwood. In September of 2012, Mr. Williams' execution was finally scheduled to occur. In October of 2012 Mr. Williams' 1984 accomplice stepped forward with a different story. Now, Mr. Williams quite possibly will not be executed. Given the high stakes, this story has been widely reported.

As this story unfolds, an important question arises: How might Mr. Williams' sentence and life have been changed if his accomplice had provided truthful testimony 28 years ago?

If you stand accused of a violent crime, make sure you receive the legal assistance to prevent untruths, injustices, errors, and omissions from affecting your right to a fair trial. As Terrance Williams and thousands of other people accused of crimes know, even highly publicized murder cases can involve discrepancies that can make the difference between life and death and between short and long prison sentences.

Attorneys Jim Lloyd, Timothy Tarpey and Michael Parkinson can provide the legal representation you need. All of our attorneys have served with the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, including Major Trial Unit. Our Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers have handled than a thousand trials both as prosecutors and as criminal defense attorneys.

Our decades of experience on both sides of criminal law mean we can spot holes in witnesses' testimony and prosecutors' cases that other lawyers may miss. And our extensive experience in front of a jury is matched by our track record of successful results in countless cases involving rape, murder, assault, robbery and other violent crimes.

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