New Court Ruling Allows Colleges to See Juvenile Records

Almost everyone I know would be shocked to find out that a college in Pennsylvania can find out about a juvenile crime. But after a recent ruling from the Pennsylvania Superior Court, it is true.

If a child is found "delinquent", which is the term used in place of "guilty" in the juvenile court system, usually the records will not be accessible in the future. However, this has all changed. Last month, a Pennsylvania appeals court ruled that a college could view the records of a teen who had been found delinquent of a crime while in high school. This ruling, which is being questioned by legal professionals and challenged in court, threatens the teen's entry into Temple University in Philadelphia. Temple University does factor criminal convictions into its admission decision according to its spokesman.

If your child has been accused of a crime in the Philadelphia area, it is essential to protect his or her rights and future by obtaining sound legal counsel immediately. A juvenile defense lawyer can:

  • Work to prevent a record from developing
  • Work to ensure that any record that occurs is sealed
  • obtain an expungement to ensure that the record is destroyed
  • obtain a discharge of charges that can have an adverse effect on financial aid, drivers’ license, and a child’s future

Our Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys have handled more than a thousand cases in juvenile court. With more than 20 year of experience, we have extensive knowledge of how to defend these specific types cases so that your child’s future and freedom is protected.

If you or someone you care about has already been judged “delinquent” as a result of a juvenile offense, it is not too late. Our attorneys have also handled hundreds of expungements.

Michael Parkinson , Timothy Tarpey and Jim Lloyd are criminal defense attorneys and former Assistant District Attorneys who all worked in the Prosecutor’s Juvenile Unit. If you or someone you know has questions regarding juvenile crimes or issues in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, or Delaware Counties, contact us for a free consultation with an experienced attorney at (215) 352-3432.