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Client Reviews

    "Great Lawyers Who Kept Me Out of Jail"
    FBI agents came to my job and started asking me a bunch of questions. I knew I was in serious trouble and looking at jail time and maybe never working again. I called PTLaw right away and Tim got involved. The lawyers got started immediately and found an expert witness to help. They kept me out of jail and now my life and job are back to normal. These are great lawyers.
    - J.M.
    "Treated Me Like a Person"
    I watched Tim representing someone else. … I liked his professionalism. … That’s the guy I wanted to represent me. … He treated me like a person … he was there for me no matter what. … He genuinely cares about his people and he’s gonna do everything he can do to get you the best results.
    - W.S.
    "Tim Really Helped Us!"
    My brother got himself into trouble. He had a PD [public defender] who wasn't doing anything for him. … We found Tim Tarpey … and he was able to get the bail lowered. … [My brother] was facing a lot of jail time and we found Tim and he was able to actually fix the problem. He didn't get any jail time. … We had talked to other lawyers that wanted a lot of money and was telling him just to take a plea bargain and do the time. He didn't do any jail time. … Tim really helped us and eased our minds.”
    - S.
    "My Attorney Was Like a Lion"
    I got charges. .. I was surprised no one tried to understand me. My attorney, he was like a lion. He handled everything through the whole process. When I needed their help, they are ready. … I was very happy.
    - S.N.
    "I Would Recommend Them to Everybody"
    I was facing charges that were threatening my education, my job, my whole future. These lawyers handled everything. I made one call and they completely solved my problem. I would recommend them to everybody.
    - E.T.
    "There Is Nothing They Can't Handle"
    When I went to court with them I had the best attorney in the courtroom and everybody knew it. There is nothing they can’t handle.
    - J.E.
    "They Are The Best!"
    I was really scared and my family was upset. It was a really bad situation until I talked to these lawyers. They made everything easy and fixed my situation so fast I couldn't believe it. They’re the best.
    - J.C.
    "They Are Unlike Any Other Lawyers"
    I never met lawyers like this before. They are always there 24-7. They’re smart and professional and got me a great result so I could get back to living my life. I don’t know what I would have done without them.
    - D.R.
    "Thorough, Smart & Fighters"
    I know a lot of lawyers, but I send everybody to PT&L. These guys are well known and get the job done. They are thorough, smart, and most important – they are fighters. As long as they are by my side I have no worries.
    - S.M.
    "You Want Them On Your Side"
    These are the guys you want on your side when you’re in trouble. They delivered for me.
    - J.V.
    "They Were So Kind & Compassionate"
    My family member had some serious problems. I didn't know who to turn to so I called the guys at PT&L. They were great to work with and handled all of my family member’s problems. They were so kind and completely fixed a terrible situation. Most importantly, they were compassionate to the whole family throughout the process.
    - C.B.
    "They Have Never Disappointed."
    I've worked in the legal field for decades and know tons of lawyers. I refer everyone who calls me with a criminal law question or problem to the lawyers at PT&L. They have never disappointed. They are great guys, great attorneys, and always available.
    - H.J.
    "I Would Definitely Recommend This Law Firm"
    Being arrested for the 2nd time after 25 years of being on the right side of the law, I admit I had no clue of what to do. But a good friend of mine recommended me to call Parkinson, Tarpey Law. It was the best call I ever could have made. Michael Parkinson was professional and clarified my options. His presence and demeanor in the courtroom was a perfect blend of knowledge and tactful communication... I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone has any type of scrape with law.
    - Mr. Turner
    "Three A+++ lawyers in one firm!"
    While represented by PTLaw, I had the good fortune to be advised at various times by each of the three partners. I can resoundingly recommend all three gentlemen, for their dedication to the client, their preparedness and diligence about the law, and their ability to convey complex ideas -- and tough messages -- simply and effectively. They are all A+++ attorneys in my book.
    - John J.