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Is a License to Carry or a Permit to Carry in Philadelphia, PA Easy to Get … or Lose?


Alicense to carry a concealed firearm is not easy to obtain inPhiladelphia. Getting a permit to carry a gun in Philadelphia is a long process involving paperwork, interviews, criminal background checks, and final approval by the Philadelphia police department. People who obtain a license to carry in Philadelphia must follow some very strict rules when carrying their gun, or face the very real possibility of having their gun license in Philadelphia revoked.

Before the license can be revoked, the person has the right to challenge the revocation. We see many examples of people who have a license to carry firearms who are arrested under false pretenses. Not only do they have to deal with the criminal aspects of the false claim, they also may have to deal with the revocation of their gun license. That process usually consists of the licensee receiving a letter from the Philadelphia Police indicating their intention to revoke the license. The letter usually sets a hearing date before the license review board.

At this hearing, the board makes the determination of whether the license will be revoked. Having an experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer is critical in assuring a person's chance for success in retaining that license. An experienced trial attorney will be able to direct the board members to the appropriate law, call witnesses, and present evidence to keep the license from being revoked. Having someone who is experienced makes a tremendous difference in the hearing.

Michael Parkinson, Timothy Tarpey and Jim Lloyd are defense attorneys and former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorneys with who have have handled more than a thousand cases in which people have been charged with gun and firearm offenses. With more than 40 years of experience, our attorneys have extensive knowledge of how to defend these specific types cases so that your freedom and constitutional rights are protected.

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