How Will A DUI Conviction Impact My Car Insurance

A DUI conviction can have serious initial consequences, and unfortunately those penalties can also affect you long after you have been convicted. Pennsylvania takes alcohol related convictions seriously, and besides the fines and jail time, you could have penalties related to your insurance.

After receiving a DUI there’s a chance that your insurance could be completely revoked. Since it is illegal to drive without being insured, this would mean that you would lose driving privileges. Often times complete insurance cut off only happens after successive DUI convictions. Each insurance company is different in how they handle DUI convictions, and there are not set procedures. If you don’t lose your insurance, you can be certain that your rates will go up. Again, different insurance providers have different timeframes for how long they will charge you for an increased rate. If your case involved any of the following, you should expect substantial spikes in your rates:

  • Injury or death of another person
  • Accident that exceeded 1,000 of property damage
  • Excessive speeding
  • Resisting law enforcement officers
  • Hit and runs
  • Racing competitions

If you have a near perfect driving record, and it is your first offense, your rates may only marginally increase. However, with each DUI offense your rates will rise, and after multiple offenses insurance carriers usually deny coverage.

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