Federal Weapons Charges in Pennsylvania

Recently, federal law enforcement authorities and prosecutors in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation have been even more intent on cracking down on illegal weapons and meting out harsh punishments to those participating in crimes involving illegal weapons.

If you are convicted on a federal weapons charge, consequences can include up to five years' prison time for each weapon. If you are convicted of a felony that involved using an illegal weapon, you will be facing even harsher consequences.

It is unlawful to:

  • Possess or use firearms in a federal facility such as a post office, government building, airport or military base
  • Possess a stolen or illegally modified firearm
  • Possess an automatic weapon
  • Possess or use certain types of prohibited ammunition
  • Transport firearms or weapons interstate
  • Be a felon in possession of or using a firearm
  • Be involved in the unauthorized or illegal sale of a weapon
  • Possess a gun or weapon while committing a felony

If you have a past criminal history and are labeled by the government as an "armed career criminal" or "career offender," you could potentially get a life sentence in prison upon conviction. You do not have to face charges like these alone.

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