Sobriety Checkpoints in Philadelphia

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About DUI Checkpoints

Sobriety checkpoints are police stops where officers set up on a roadway to stop vehicles for the purpose of arresting drunk drivers. Sobriety checkpoints are usually set up at locations and during periods when impaired driving is known to take place such as near bars, around holidays, and frequently on weekends.

DUI checkpoints are conducted at a fixed location, and police officers are supposed to pull over vehicles according to a predetermined plan. If an officer's encounter with a driver leads him or her to suspect the driver is under the influence of alcohol, the officer will then conduct field sobriety tests, which may lead to the request of a breath test.

Quick Facts About Sobriety Checkpoints

  • Vehicles are stopped in a predetermined sequence; for example, every other vehicle, or every fourth vehicle.
  • Checkpoints are generally publicized in advance.
  • Police need reasonable suspicion to believe a driver has been drinking before they can request a breath test.
  • The average stop time is about the length of a stop light.

Sobriety checkpoints target specific areas and times that have the highest probability of DUI apprehension; for example, after bars and restaurants close in entertainment districts, or over holiday weekends such as Labor Day and Memorial Day.

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States differ in their laws regarding stops and seizures, so if you were arrested at a sobriety checkpoint, we encourage you to contact Parkinson, Tarpey & Lloyd to discuss your case. We are familiar with the state statute and conditions that need to be observed for this type of stop to be legal, and for evidence to be admissible in court. For instance, some states require that public disclosure be made in advance before a checkpoint is set up.

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