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Consequences for the conviction of a violent crime in the state of Pennsylvania can be very serious. At Parkinson, Tarpey & Lloyd, we have a thorough understanding of both criminal law and procedure, and we understand the common strategies and tactics typically employed by state and federal attorneys in the preparation of criminal cases. Being able to anticipate the prosecution is an invaluable asset, one that our Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys have harnessed over the years.

We can represent clients who have been accused of the following:

With more than 40 years of combined experience working in the legal industry, our criminal defense lawyers in Philadelphia are prepared to offer tough and effective advocacy regardless of the severity of the criminal charges you face. We combine experience, knowledge, and compassionate client prioritization to ensure that you are prepared for every step of the process ahead.

How can Parkinson, Tarpey & Lloyd help me?

Our team at Parkinson, Tarpey & Lloyd is able to identify the strategic issues in a case in order to protect our clients' rights and to ensure that these rights were not violated during the arrest and subsequent proceedings. We begin by thoroughly examining the case for any potential rights violations or possible defenses such as self defense. From obtaining the original police report to examining whether or not you were advised of your Miranda rights to looking at the initial circumstances surrounding the arrest to ascertain if there was true "probable cause" for your arrest, we know how to protect your interests strategically and to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. We are more than ready to challenge any inconsistencies and to push for your interests relentlessly throughout the duration of your case.

Our criminal defense attorneys in Philadelphia believe everyone is entitled to the strongest possible defense. No matter how serious the charges against you may seem, we are ready to chase down the little details that make a difference. Most violent crime convictions carry serious penalties, including - in the majority of cases - prison time. The resulting criminal record could also affect your future opportunities, including your ability to rent a house, apply for a scholarship, obtain or maintain a professional license, take out a loan, obtain employment in the career field of your choice, and more.

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Because the stakes are high, choose to retain a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer who is up to the challenge of protecting your rights and interests effectively. Call Parkinson, Tarpey & Lloyd today to request a free case evaluation. We are prepared to defend you when it matters most.