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If you were charged with murder, this is one fight you will not want to face alone! Your future is on the line because of the hefty penalties associated with the violent crime of murder, especially in Pennsylvania.

At Parkinson, Tarpey & Lloyd, we draw upon 40 years of combined experience within the legal field. You can rely on our commitment to pursue a reduction or dismissal of your charges when you call on us!

We have numerous qualifications that set us apart from other firms, including:

  • Experienced trial attorneys
  • Member of the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers Association®
  • Former prosecutorial experience

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Understanding Your Murder Charge

Whether you have been charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, or manslaughter, your sentence will be severe if convicted. That is why you need to retain counsel from a proven criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia.

We have, however, broken down the differences below:

  • First-degree murder – Murder that involves premeditation and an accompanying offense, such as hijacking, robbery, or kidnapping. Also charged when extreme torture is involved.
  • Second-degree murder – Murder that is premeditated but does not involve an accompanying offense.
  • Manslaughter – Murder that does not have intent, premeditation, or involve an accompanying offense.

Murder of a law enforcement officer is a special type of murder that involves the intentional killing of a police officer in the line of duty. This offense is punishable by life in prison in Pennsylvania.

For a prosecutor to win your case, they will need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you killed another person and that you, as the defendant, did so with malicious intent. You will need our firm's assistance as you fight against the heavy charge that you face.

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